About Yoga Enlightenment 
What is yoga?
Yoga is a practice or philosophy that has the potential to unite the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the whole person. Yoga has been practiced for 5,000 years and was originally handed down from teacher to student. The ancient practices have been adapted to suit the western environment and challenges facing modern day people. The study of yoga incorporates elements of our relationships with others, personal conduct, asanas (or physical postures), control of the breath, use of the senses, focus, meditation and finally, enlightenment. 

People are drawn to yoga for many different reasons. Some may be focussed on the physical practice, others need to improve the control of their breath or improve wellbeing by controlling stress. Yoga can respond to each of these needs and bring great benefits to your life. Yoga Enlightenment students are invited to explore their own practice and pursue their personal goals. By bringing the awareness to the mind, body and breath, students can remove themselves from the stresses of modern life and move the body in a thorough and systematic way. 
Students individual differences, beliefs and objectives are respected at all times. Students will be encouraged and offered suggestions but never forced. Self awareness and correction are valued more than physical manipulation by the teacher. 

To provide a professional, safe, effective and enjoyable yoga practice for students of all ages, levels of experience and fitness. All practices are planned, student-centred, evidence-based and high quality. A range of practice options are available to ensure that yoga is accessible and inclusive for all. Students are encouraged to work at an appropriate level to ensure a safe and accessible practice.

By providing a well rounded practice incorporating elements of strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation, students have an opportunity to explore and benefit from a deeper experience. 

1. Payment is to be made in advance or at the time of practice unless other arrangements are agreed to by the teacher.
2. Discounts are available to seniors (65+), full time students and concession card holders.
3. Sponsored places are available for genuine financial need. Available on application to the teacher.
4. A signed medical /registration form must be completed and submitted prior to the first practice. Any changes to a medical condition must be advised to the teacher. Sign in is required before each practice.
5. Students should not practice if sick or injured.
6. Make up classes are permitted if attending a series of practices, but must be completed during the same term.
7. 5 and 10 class passes can be carried over from term to term, shared or transferred to another person.
8. Practice will be conducted at stated start and finish times. Entry after the start time is not advised. Students may enter 15 minutes before the start of class.
9. Receipts are provided on request at the end of each term.
10. Classes are conducted in term blocks aligned with ACT public schools, unless otherwise advised. No classes on public holidays or public holiday weekends.
11. Children may attend public general classes if 12 years or older, accompanied by a parent and if the child has the physical, mental and emotional ability to manage a yoga class.